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New Parents-How to Cope

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Best tips for new parents, changes, asking for help staying strong, baby items, safety certified, to-do-list, professional advice; the arrival of a bay is a heartwarming and delightful occasion, but there are plenty of changes parents must get used to in the months ahead. Read on to find out how to cope with these changes.

New parents-How to Cope, from the Vytal Life Coaching Team
New Parents-How to Cope

Adapting to Change

Having a new baby is almost comparable to travelling to a new foreign country where you don't speak the language. There are so many changes to make in the way you react, think and even plan for your day.

One new mother suggested to her husband they go to see a movie. they both put their coats on and met at the front door, looked at each other and started to laugh. Their three-week old newborn was sleeping silently in her crib, and they hadn't thought about needing a babysitter!

Now, that was an "aha moment" that pointed to countless changes they would need to make in their lifestyle and in their thinking in the days ahead.

As New Parents-How to Cope with Your Helpless Infant

new parents-how to cope
The first time you hold your newborn baby in your arms is a moment you’ll never forget. Follow us for tips on how best to bond with and care for your newborn.

Helpful Hints for New Parents

We Can't Believe How Peacefully You Sleep

Holding your newborn in your arms is a moment you'll never forget! Their smiles are all because of you delighted parents and all you want to do is snuggle your sweet little angel.

There isn't anything more precious than your newborn.

New Parents-How to Cope First-time mothers and nursing a newborn, first-time fathers and awarenes for newborn and for mom
New Parents-How to Cope and Handle the Responsibilities of a Helpless Newborn

Take Time for Yourselves

No matter how excited you are to be parents, the constant care of a newborns' demands can drain you. As new parents--how to cope include "me-time" for both of you. New mothers have to learn to handle the responsibility of nursing their baby. First-time fathers will want to gain and demonstrate awareness, in how they help out, show empathy and support for a new mothers' tender but very real worries for this tiny helpless infant.

New Parents-How to Cope

It's Time to Adapt

Tips for new parents, how to car for your new baby,
New parents-how to cope Take it easy-It does take some time to come to terms with the new situation

Both new mother and new father should recognize they will both need to adapt, not only to their child but to find new strategies to take care of themselves. it is both exhilarating and nerve-wracking for both, and it does take some time to come to terms with waking up a million times during the night.

Enjoy every moment - they grow up so fast!

“Hold on to the tiny moments and cherish the little snuggles. They grow up so fast!” ~Anonymous

Being parents and feeling unsure if you're doing the right thing can be scary. It's important to just do the best you can and remember, those tiny feet won't be tiny forever.

Be Patient New Parents - It's a Wild Ride

Be patient with yourself. Take the credit you have earned and think about just how close mothers have to get to death, to bring a new life into the world.

Childhood memories are there to stay. Vytal life coaching for new parents, New parents-how to cope.
Childhood memories are there to stay.

"God could not be everywhere and therefore he made mothers." ~ Rudyard Kipling

Most new moms feel totally exhausted after coming home from the hospital with a new baby, and the responsibilities to keep this squirming little bundle alive can be terrifying too.

As new parents don't hesitate to ask for a hand or for advice from others.

Friends and family are only too willing to help. Asking for another person's input helps you see what you may not be able to see at this particular time. And use your best judgement and trust your instincts.

Couples Communication as the New Parents -

How to Cope With a Sometime Crying 😢 Baby in the House

List of 5 Helpful Tips for when Your Mind Runs Rampant

  1. Ask for help not because you're weak but because you want to stay strong and asking for help is a sign of being strong, humble, resilient and respectful.

  2. After the baby arrives it becomes more difficult to communicate individual needs so keep your partner in the loop.

  3. Give lots of love, stay connected to one another by offering encouragement and support.

  4. Laugh every day because it is the healthy thing to do.

  5. Parenting your new little one requires extreme amounts of energy and fortitude, and it's absolutely okay if you feel overwhelmed and not completely capable in your new roles.

New parents-How to Cope read these 5 great tips
When Your Mind Runs Rampant as New Parents - How to Cope ?? Read the List Above... :)

Becoming Parents is one of the Most Pivotal Milestones in Your Life

Let's Look at Safety in the Nursery

safety in the baby nursery
10 tips for designing a safe and practical baby nursery for new parents-how to cope

Here's list of 10 of our Vytal Teams' Best Tips When Designing a

New and Safe Nursery

  1. Crib, mattress or bassinet: Absolutely no crib bumpers, stuffed animals or blankets in the crib, pediatricians advise. Every pediatrician we spike with agreed on the importance of a baby sleeping in an empty crib. A used crib may or may not meet current crib safety standards.

  2. A baby mobile: Hang it correctly, making sure baby cannot grab it. Avoid mobiles with ribbons or strings. DIY mobiles may pose a choking threat. Be sure to register the mobile you buy so you'll be informed of any safety recalls. If you are installing a hand-me-down drib mobile, check the CPSC website for recalls.

  3. Dresser and safe changing table: Use furniture wall anchors to prevent tipping as your child gets bigger. The American Academy of Pediatrics suggests securing furniture into wall studs with dry-wall screws. Most new top-heavy furniture comes with anti-tipping devices. It is wise to install those right away. The CPSC is a great resource for tips and videos on how to anchor furniture to prevent tipping accidents. Changing table needs to be made of sturdy materials, and it needs rails to keep baby from rolling off. Look for and use the safety belt when changing your infant.

  4. Wall art: Hang nursery wall art on a wall away from the crib.

  5. Rocking chairs: Move rocking chairs and other furniture away from windows and put in window stops hardware to keep windows from opening completely.

  6. Surfaces in the room: Keep surfaces in the nursery decluttered.

  7. Humidifier or vaporizer: (optional)

  8. White Noise machine and/or music player: (optional)

  9. Baby monitor: Get peace of mind when you have a baby monitor that alerts you on baby's activity.

  10. Things to think about: Cover all outlets, baby proof the edges of all furniture, use only baby-safe air filters for nurseries, remove the lids from toy bins, check your wiring and cords, and make sure that your window coverings do not have long accessible cords.

Keep Growing as Your Baby Grows

Continue to do your research as your baby grows and as time passes for improvements in items and improved science. Also follow Wired 4 Success posts.

Final Thoughts

Don't worry and fret. Babies become more cautious and stronger as they experience their world. It is in their nature to explore, and they bounce back. Your common sense and realistic approach to raising your child will often guide you in steps to take to keep your precious little safe, contented and happy.

Wishing you all the best,

~ Coach Cammi ~


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