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Couples Communication 5 Session Pack

Understand communication styles, conflict habits, build communication skills, strength relationships

Service Description

During your 5 session pack of online couples communication sessions, you'll learn ways to communicate successfully with your partner, build or rebuild trust, have greater appreciation for each other and maintain a strong, healthy relationship that will last a lifetime. You'll feel more comfortable during conversations with your partner, having learned how to clearly outline, and share even your most important concerns. Knowing how to work together to skillfully and calmly recognize misconceptions as they happen during regular-day-to day conversations that lead to effective solutions strengthens your relationship, joy and love. You'll crush resentments that have built up, repair hurt and build happiness as well as confidence with each other. Your partnership will feel more comfortable and meaningful as you both set realistic and thoughtful boundaries and assert your own beliefs in a respectful way. You'll know the habitual barriers to communication in yourself and your partner. You'll feel more fulfilled and loving toward each other as learn how to incorporate proven communication strategies that lead to resolutions allowing you both to move forward. Disagreements that often ended in shouting or playing the blame game will evaporate. Emotions that simmered between you after a yelling match, can become a thing of the past. Talking about money, relatives, bills, the kids, household responsibilities, challenges that every couple face in this complicated, distracting and frustrating world we live in, can seem overwhelming, but with improved methods of talking with each other, so much heartache can become a thing of the past.

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