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Coach Client FREE Consultation

You ask some questions to focus your coach on what you want to achieve; It will shape your journey

  • 30 minutes
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Service Description

Coach Client FREE Consultation. Your Online Consultation is 30 minutes long. During this session we will both ask some questions and get a feel for how we connect and if we will be a good fit. We get to know each other and use our time to get an idea of how well we'll work together. You'll find out how coaching can help. You define what success looks like to you. We'll have a non-judgmental and relaxed conversation with your goals as the focus, allowing us to communicate deeply and with ease! We'll have a friendly, relaxed visit. We will feel a sense of engagement together and start to think about plans and strategies for you to use to make and reach your future goals. We'll talk about ourselves to simply get to know each other, so we can appreciate each other more by being open and sincere from the start. I provide a coaching experience that is a "boutique approach" designed specifically for you and only you. This free consultation will help guide me to customize your sessions to you and your goals, dreams and personality. I get to know my clients very well as this ensures we are a good fit. I am loyal to my clients, maintain strict confidentiality with their private information. I know coaching works very well when both coach and client are a good fit and will progress successfully with my style. I love what I do! I come to my office each day enthusiastic and looking forward to getting to know my clients better. I encourage my clients to grow! I know it is a fact that believing in yourself is the first secret to success. I want to get to know your strengths, values, interests and talents so I can help you reach your best life with all that means to you and only you! Let's connect to start on the path to positive change and your exciting future! What Are You Waiting For? Schedule your Coach Client FREE Consultation NOW

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British Columbia, Canada

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