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Stop looking back and find vytal clarity

Life Coaching for Success, Get Unstuck

12-week program-1-per week; Move ahead in life; reduce stress, reach potential, decision making,

  • 1 h
  • 100 Canadian dollars
  • Online meetup

Service Description

Life Coaching For Success, Get Unstuck Master your mindset and your life. Make life happen. Reconnect with your intuition and your instinct. Stop worrying, clear away hurt and anger. Take your journey to the heart of your fulfillment and joy. Follow your dreams without fears and obstacles to hold you back. Allow yourself to take charge of your own life. Live your life believing that anything is possible. Your brain and your innermost soul are your most significant resources to use, to guide yourself toward what you really want! During coaching session, specifically designed for you, we'll dedicate 1 hour per week to define your goals, cast away the ego, fears and doubts that hold you back and propel you to reach the results you really want. Each coaching session in this 12-week program builds upon the one before and you continue gaining momentum. Building your new success-oriented perspective helps your make real change, as your Vytal coach supports you toward what you really want and need, to manifest your ideal life. Your growth-mindset becomes more and more powerful. I'll give you tools to restructure your emotions. You can use these tools during the day when you need them to build flexibility and emotional strength. Recharge your emotional system during your stressful days, establish new neural patterns to stop obsessing, and create your new baseline of emotional coherence. The more you restructure your emotions so you can shift out of a negative emotional state into a positive one, the more intelligent perspective you will gain. Emotion refocusing will help you take charge of your own life. You'll be able to lessen or stop anxiety triggers and see things with greater clarity. Using the "time-out zone" tool is helpful when you feel perfectionism, performance anxiety, overattachment or when you feel the strain of too many things all at once. We'll cover a few prioritization and time management techniques. Stop looking back. Learn to forgive. Eliminate mind chatter and negative self-talk. Grow self-awareness and self-love. Look at thoughts that don't serve you well. Replace them with empowering beliefs. Do not stay stuck! If reading this outline feels empowering to you, I'd love to meet you. The first step to working together is to schedule a free, no-obligation coaching session. Learn the process of becoming the best version of yourself. This is the work we'll do as partners together. Let's do this! What are you waiting for?

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British Columbia, Canada

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