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Premarital coaching to know how to solve problems

Premarital Coaching & Say "I Do" Forever

12-week program-1 session-per-week helps you prepare for your wedding, honeymoon, and marriage.

  • 1 h
  • 100 Canadian dollars
  • Online coaching sessions

Service Description

This 12-week program provides the opportunity to learn about each other and yourself much more deeply. Pave the way for a long, successful, happy marriage. For 1 hour a week we'll be devoted to developing your emotionally intelligent marriage that's strong enough to withstand future challenges. Make a relationship to fill both your needs. For a marriage to last, learn how to support each other's aspirations. Feel a sense of purpose in your life together. Keep the love alive. Address and crush insecurities and fears. Actively work together to reach goals. Your coach helps you look at you goals and make action plans to reach them. Your wedding symbolizes commitment to one another. Coaching solidifies that commitment. Prioritize your relationship as you begin your lives together. Learn the language of marriage. Learn the love languages. During sessions find hidden treasures in you and in your partner. How to talk about your individual feelings is a skill you'll make into a habit before the wedding that requires empathy and communication skills. Expressing and showing admiration for each other builds unity, and is based on clarity, shared values and vision for the future. Learn how to disagree, how to fight fairly. Explore your individual, unique strengths and those of your loving partner. Find, recognize and grow greater respect and love for one another. Doing so, exemplifies your interest in your partner's interests/feelings. You both recognize what constitutes a successful marriage and you'll both bring this knowledge to your marriage. Premarital coaching is important for any couple in a serious relationship who want to build a long-lasting and fulfilling relationship. During the coaching process you'll both talk about your hopes, expectations and dreams about marriage. You'll be supported as you open-up and discuss your ideas and beliefs in a safe environment. Each couple that seeks out coaching is prioritizing their relationship and putting in the work to make it last. During this 12-week package you'll gain momentum to help both of you to love unconditionally and be authentic and vulnerable. Your relationship is special and unique. Your Premarital Coaching sessions are tailored to suit your goals and personalities. By developing unique and tailored sessions, I'll help you elevate your relationships and your life.

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British Columbia, Canada

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