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Self-Improvement Development & Mindset

12 or 6-month by-weekly Package Stop anxiety, Self-improvement, Control Emotions/Anger, Grow healthy

  • 1 hour
  • 600 Canadian dollars
  • CA

Service Description

Self-Improvement Development & Mindset-6 or 12 month by-weekly Package with 1:1 Life Coaching to achieve massive success & live the life you dream about. *The following focus areas have been the most popular among people who are looking for a more loving relationship, a higher position at work or owning a successful business. What does success look like to you? I'll help you clarify the vision for your life, relate that clarity back to your specific goals and help you achieve your objectives. *The benefits of setting self-improvement goals can help you shape your life moving forward. Experience new things, travel the world, get promoted at work can become your reality, and the skills you learn will benefit the rest of your life. Personal growth goals inspire you to move ahead, push outside your comfort zone and motivate you to grow as a person. Nothing here is about you not liking yourself, but it is all about celebrating your efforts. Sustained efforts will not be for nothing, and some goals will come easier than others that will take longer to achieve. It's time to start feeling proud of yourself!Meaningful Life Goals to Pursue Could Include these:*Express your feelings and spur personal growth *Be your best self *Have an easier time following your purpose *Identify and overcome challenges that are stopping you from reaching your dreams and goals *Build new skills according to your personal development goals at work, for self-improvement, *Accept who you are, embrace self-growth, growth mindset, but not an overhaul of yourself *Motivation to grow as a person The clients' possible focus area to be covered might include: *Control anger, anxiety, or stress  *Improve communication skills and public speaking with family, friends, teams, and/or boss *Grow self-confidence, self-esteem, self-awareness, compassion *Time management skills *Develop assertive body language *Cultivate greater financial security *Find enhanced creativity within yourself and/or manage yourself better *Explore personal strengths, weaknesses, values, and beliefs *Strengthen leadership skills *Foster self-awareness, gain clarity about goals and aspirations, develop resilience * We help you reach your goals by providing accountability * Stay true to your goals, not someone else's * Feel more self-motivation *Experience a stronger work ethic and feel excited to put in hard work each day

Contact Details

  • British Columbia, Canada


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