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How to Be More confident-30 Tips That Work!

Live a Life filled with Confidence

How to Build Confidence
Find Confidence While on Your Journey

confident person, move forward with confidence, gain confidence with 30 tips that work
How to be More Confident-30 Tips That Work to Lighten Your Load and Move Forward With Purpose and Clarity

But sometimes it isn't that easy.

How to be more confident: 30 Tips that work
Keep Reading and Find Proven Strategies on How to be More Confident-30 Tips That Work!

Have you ever tried to look ahead but only felt fear, defeat and a lack of confidence and motivation? Check out the list of 30 confidence building tips that work!

Looking For a Change?

How to Be More Confident"30 tips That work!
Take a journey deep within yourself to understand your triggers and limiting beliefs. Know how to take control of your mind, your decisions and your behaviors. Know how to be more confident" 30 Tips That Work!
"Your big opportunity may be right where you are now." ~Napoleon Hill

How to be more confident: 30 tips that work!
How to be more confident: 30 Tips that Work!

More confident, be more confident, tips to build your confidence
Are you stuck in the 'no-confidence" trap? Know how to be More confident: 30 Tips that work!

But sometimes we feel stuck in

the "getting ready" step...

Life filled with confidence, Take control of your life with total confidence.
How to Be More Confident: 30 Tips That Work and are Proven to Work!

It is Time to Concentrate, Set Goals and Make Plans

How to be more confident: 30 Tips that work!
"Know your value. Confidence breeds success. Act like the person you want to become, and people will start seeing you as that person." ~Mark M. Ford

"Some people want it to happen, some wish it would happen, others make it happen." ~ Michael Jordan

Find confidence while on your journey
Thinking about how to be more confident: 30 tips that work!

"Most of the important things in the world have been accomplished by people who have kept on trying when there seemed to be no hope at all." ~Dale Carnegie

How to Be More Confident: 30 Tips That Work

  1. Visualize yourself being confident, brave and attractive.

  2. Do something challenging every week.

  3. Stop your inner critic and celebrate your growth.

  4. Improve your appearance and remember to control the inner critic.

  5. Exercise because physical exercise boosts self-confidence and science proves this to be true.

How to Be More Confident: 30 Tips that work!
"Don't be distracted by criticism. Remember, the only taste of success some people have is when they take a bit out of you." ~Zig Ziglar

6. Get the proper amount of sleep.

7. Eat a healthy balanced diet to

boost energy levels.

8. Memorize and repeat self-assuring affirmations in your head.

9. Accentuate your strengths and accept imperfections-everyone has them.

10. Face your fears head on and with courage.

Self-confidence, Self-esteem, How to be more confident:30 tips that work
How to Be More Confident: 30 Tips That Work - It’s time to start living with more confidence and self-esteem.

11. stop being a people pleaser and put your wellbeing first.

12. Break free of the limiting beliefs society puts on you and find yourself.

13. Create changes in your limiting beliefs and find your way to self-validation, self-love.

Live your authentic life.

Embrace Gratitude and Radiate Self-Confidence

Self-confident, Self-confidence, self-love, clarity
How to Be More Confident: 30 Tips that work!

14. Gain clarity about who you are, your values, and what gives you purpose, happiness, and joy.

15. Practice gratitude by making a daily or weekly list of things you are grateful for. Gratitude is a powerful emotion. It has a profound impact on our well-being, and builds confidence, enhances emotional resilience and build our inner strength to combat stress.

16. Do not give up on yourself- instead promise yourself that you will keep on building your self-confidence and your other goals until you succeed.

17. Quickly pick yourself up after a failure and look at it as a step in the learning process.

18. Forgive people who are bringing you and your confidence down and perhaps

even minimize contact with them.

19. Be prepared for low confidence moments and use strategies to help quickly rebuild your confidence. For instance, think of past successes, stop the worrying about something that you have no control over, believe in you, have a burning desire to reach your confidence goals be proud of yourself (you are not being boastful), and celebrate your strength.

19. "Just because you failed at something, you are not a failure. It's important to give yourself loving compassion. Never give up"! ~F.C. Ohlin

focus on being positive
Do things you are good at to be more confident:30 tips that work!

20. When failure is getting you down, remember that there is always a solution.

21. Quit beating yourself up because being loving, kind and encouraging to yourself will build up your confidence instead of tearing it down.

22. Self-confidence is created in your mindset and in your beliefs about yourself, so you can help strengthen your confidence and your confident mindset by learning more about the subject to make you feel more confident.

23. Focus on how you are confident and how you can feel confident despite your failure and develop greater self-awareness - notice evidence in your transformation that proves your self-confidence is

definitely growing.

24. Develop that positive self-image and stop comparing yourself to others. We often compare our worst to their best and that's not an accurate comparison anyway.

25. Write down small to-do lists each day and fill your confidence rise as you cross them off. the more productive you are, the more confident you'll feel.

26. Seek constructive criticism that can help you grow and improve.

27. Practice visualizing success by imagining yourself succeeding in your endeavors. Visualization can create positive mindset and increase your belief in yourself and your capabilities.

28. Spend time with positive people.

29. Identify your negative thoughts. If saying things like, "Oh no, I failed again," or "It's too hard," has become a habit, work to change these negative phrases with something positive.

30. Smile as much as you can. When you feel unhappy about something make a plan to change it and be sure to have at least one positive activity every day.

How to be More Confident: 30 tips that work!
Do Things You're Good At - one of 30 tips that work!

Confident people find satisfaction in other people's success and celebrate their success.

They are often open-minded, optimistic and willing to take risks and even laugh at themselves. Those who radiate confidence are decisive and admit their mistakes, continue learning and growing and accept responsibility.

Insecure people are afraid of change and are indecisive, but they act like they know-it-all. Often, they are close-minded, pessimistic and make excuses blaming others to hide flaws.

Face Your Fears and Believe in Yourself

We all struggle with confidence issues at one time or another however learning how to act confident can actually help you feel confident.

Transformation Through a Life Coach

"Low self-confidence isn't a life sentence. Self-confidence can be learned, practiced and mastered-just like any other skill. Once you master it, everything in your life will change for the better." ~ Barrie Davenport

confidence, self-love, self-confidence, move forward in life with confidence.
As a life coach, I can guide you to be more confident: 30 Tips That Work! This post is a great start!

John Fussell, the Managing Director of Harley-Davidson Europe Ltd. talked about his experiences with life-coaching benefits when he said, "I never cease to be amazed at the power of the coaching process to draw out the skills or talent that was previously hidden within an individual, and which invariably finds a way to solve a problem previously thought unsolvable.

Remember, confidence is not about never failing but about trusting that you have the ability to recover and learn from any situation. It's an ongoing process, and every step you take towards believing in yourself counts. The following quote applies to each one of us in our ever-changing world and how we can conquer our "life-journey".

Once you see the results from increased will power, positive actions, and the right mindset, your confidence will be unstoppable!

Thanks for reading,

Frank Ohlin

Life coach

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